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How story of 'The nun in a nightgown' inspired Co Down woman's book

Joanne Sweeney
WHEN a young Irish nun fled her convent one foggy winter night dressed only in her nightgown, she could not have known the series of extraordinary events she was to spark in Australia's religious history – including her demanding that a bishop publicly apologise for dismissing her as mad.

Book review: A Legacy Of Spies is a remarkable and enjoyable tour de force

Robert McNamara
A Legacy of Spies by John Le Carré, published in hardback by Viking THERE are two views of John Le Carré’s work: some consider that he has effectively blended high-end literature with his chosen genre, the spy novel; others think him a brilliant genre writer whose works are weakened by his literary pretensions.

Chef Niall Murphy's journey from cars to cookery

Gail Bell
FROM car salesman to world traveller to pastry chef, cookery school tutor and now author, Niall Murphy admits he was something of a late starter when figuring out what to do with his life.

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