Also released: Dublin-set comic drama Animals and fantasy musical animation Charming

Holliday Grainger and Alia Shawkat in Animals
Damon Smith

ANIMALS (15, 109 mins), drama, comedy. Starring: Holliday Grainger, Alia Shawkat, Fra Fee, Amy Molly, Dermot Murphy. Director: Sophie Hyde

SISTERLY solidarity is tested to breaking point in a booze-soaked dark comedy adapted from the novel by Emma Jane Unsworth.

Laura (Holliday Grainger) enjoys the nightlife in present-day Dublin to excess with American best friend Tyler (Alia Shawkat).

They often wake in the same bed and are inseparable as they chart a haphazard path through their early 30s.

When Laura falls in love with classical pianist Jim (Fra Fee), she contemplates turning her back on the parties, drugs and debauchery to settle down and follow the sensible, suburban example of her sister Jean (Amy Molloy), who is expecting a first child.

Tyler is deeply resentful of Jim and his hold over Laura.

She schemes to break up the happy couple by tempting her best friend to stray with handsome writer Marty (Dermot Murphy).

Tyler's calculated effort to break Laura's heart rather than sever their special bond could backfire spectacularly.

Released: August 2


CHARMING (PG, 85 mins) fantasy, musical, animation. Voice cast: Nia Vardalos, Wilmer Valderrama, Ashley Tisdale, GEM, Avril Lavigne, Demi Lovato. Director: Ross Venokur

FAIRYTALE princesses don't get their intended happy-ever-afters in a computer-animated musical fantasy written and directed by Ross Venokur.

When Nemeny Neverwish (voiced by Nia Vardalos) is denied the hand in marriage of the king, she curses his infant son to make every woman in the land swoon with a single flutter of his eyelashes.

As he grows into a strapping lad, Prince Charming (Wilmer Valderrama) is the bane of every man because he has women falling at his feet including his three fiancees, Cinderella (Ashley Tisdale), Sleeping Beauty (Chinese singer-songwriter G.E.M.) and Snow White (Avril Lavigne).

They are blissfully unaware that they are engaged to the same man until feisty thief Leonore (Demi Lovato) intervenes.

She has also been cursed by Nemeny and is the only woman in the realm impervious to Charming's intoxicating gaze.

She pretends to be a young man called Lenny in order to accompany Charming on an epic quest to break Nemeny's spell and restore the power to love to his subjects.

Leonore starts to develop romantic feelings for Charming, which could lead to true love's kiss – the only force that will neutralise Nemeny's wicked enchantment.

Released: August 2

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