Noise Annoys: Son of The Hound LP, Black Tragick Night and Junk Drawer tour

Black Tragick stages a show of strength, Junk Drawer swap their sofa for the road and Son of The Hound man Mick McCullagh goes On The Record

Son of The Hound man Mick McCullagh

THE folks at Black Tragick records are having a bit of a 'showcase' style do next week, and you're all invited to attend: the imaginatively titled Black Tragick Night at Voodoo on Thursday will include live musical turns from An Auld Lad, Hatchet Field, Calling All Horses, Oisín ó Scolaí & The Virginia Slims and Franklyn, plus a DJ set from Haunch bass git The Evil Priest AKA Michael out of Therapy?.

Thriftily, the show also doubles as an album launch gig for Oisín ó Scolaí & The Virginia Slims, whose debut LP Vacant Sea is released on Friday next, but you can check out the breezy vibes and cheesy lines of his/their single Vacation now via where you'll also find the links to pre-order the album proper.

Calling All Horses have also unleashed a new tune to coincide with their label's big night: Hot Hot Sand is only the second song that Martin Corrigan, Leaky and co have put out into the world following last year's rifftastic debut offering, Digging Your Own Grave, and it finds the band delivering another fine scuzzy, catchy rock-out you could probably dance to, if you were so inclined: you'll almost certainly be able to decide via thon Facebook page by the time this is published.

Tickets are £7 on the door, which will be flung open in a welcoming manner from 8pm.

In other, non-Black Tragick related news, local slackerrock superstars Junk Drawer have a new single out. Slated for their forthcoming debut LP, Year Of The Sofa originally appeared on last year's top-rated compilation A Litany of Failures II.

Still as compellingly Pavement-y in its melodic, meandering goodness now as it was then, there's also a brand new video clip featuring their very own Cowboy Jake Lennox croonering it up for the camera at a variety of indoor and outdoor locations.

Put your eyes and ears in front of this at, and be advised that the Drawer's Sofa So Good Irish tour kicks off tomorrow at The Workmans in Dublin (March 30), followed by a fine Menagerie-based alternative to the aforementioned Black Tragick Night in Belfast (April 4), an in-store-y thing at Cork's Pluggd Records (April 5) and a return to The Workmans as openers for 90s indie rock heroes Built To Spill (April 28).


This week's On The Record comes to you courtesy of Omagh-spawned troubadour Son of The Hound, AKA Michael McCullagh AKA 'the artist formerly known as Meb Jon Sol' AKA Mick from Colenso Parade (ask your grandad), who's releasing the debut album under his current alias next week.

Cheers, Sound, Good Luck features a trio of excellent songs that you might/should already have heard in the uber-catchy You Are Alive, The Also Rans and Pride (I Wanna Live) and will be launched into the world with a triumphant show at The Limelight 2 in Belfast next Wednesday evening.

Congratulations on Cheers, Sound, Good Luck. Can you tell us a bit about who was involved in the recording process and how it went?

Cheers! It was recorded by in Start Together Studio in Belfast with dream-pop wizard Ryan McGroarty. I got the lads who play live with me, Fergal Lindsay, Barry Orlando-Fahy and Dave Reid, to come in and they got all their parts done in a day because they are class.

Then myself and Ryan spent long evenings adding the sparkle. It was very decadent – there was a bags of carrots and tubs of hummus everywhere.

Is there an overarching theme to this collection of songs and do you have a favourite song/moment on the album?

There’s a few different themes but the overarching one is feeling like you’ve missed your chance, that you’ve gotten older and friends have drifted. My favourite moment on the album is the bass 7th note during the crescendo of Stones Across The Lake. Absolute dirt.

Did you enjoy creating the ‘promotional sitcom’ for your single The Also Rans and will there be a second series?

It was without a doubt the best year’s craic writing, recording and releasing that along with the gig at the end. I can’t say much about a second series, but it’ll be back in some shape or form.

What have you got planned for the album launch show on April 3?

The show is going to finish with a single spotlight on me. I’ll ascend into the sky, never to be seen again. It’ll be one of those nights.

When did first discover music and can you give us a potted history of your time playing/making it yourself?

The road to this point is littered with 15 years' worth of toilet gigs, broken strings, audience apathy, payment in pints, and one instance of being chased out of the London underground by an angry cockney after a guitar case slammed into his testicles. All part of life’s rich tapestry that has eventually led me down the path of writing and releasing an album.

Where did the name Son Of The Hound originate?

Son of The Hound comes from my surname McCullagh, from the Gaelic 'Mac Cu Ulaidh' meaning Son of The Hound of Ulster.

When people ask you, "who are your influences?", which names do you hear yourself saying – and who do you always forget to mention?

Vampire Weekend, Haim and The War on Drugs are three I think influence me anyway, but it’s hard to subjectively critique your own music. I love Joe Strummer and Bruce Springsteen so I’m always trying to emulate them. I never mention The Beatles because that’s taken as read, right?

Who are your favourite local acts to see/play with?

Tony Wright always puts on an entertaining performance no matter what guise he’s playing under, he’s a very talented individual. I love The Wood Burning Savages even though I can never manage to see them play live. I think Beauty Sleep are always worth going to see because their songs are so catchy and Nathan O’Regan has the best voice in the country. There’s too many! I’m looking forward to seeing Sister Ghost opening up the show next week as well.

If you could collaborate with any artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Frankie Valli because how class would it be to write a tune for the Four Seasons and hear him (and them) sing it?

What does the rest of the year hold for Son of The Hound?

Well, if the post-gig ascension into heaven doesn’t work I guess I’ll just have to promote the album to death. You’ll be sick looking at me, I swear to god. I’m not going to give over.

:: Son of The Hound, Sister Ghost, Wednesday April 3, The Limelight 2, Belfast. Tickets £6 via

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