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Britannia features David Morrissey as Aulus and Kelly Reilly as Kerra

:: Britannia (10 episodes, streaming from January 18 exclusively on NOW TV, Drama/Romance/Action)

AS GAME Of Thrones approaches its blood-soaked end game and the fate of the Seven Kingdoms is (hopefully) resolved, Sky and Amazon Prime throw their combined creative muscle behind this lavish fantasy drama penned by Spectre scribe Jez Butterworth, which draws battle lines between three proud tribes in AD 43.

General Aulus Plautius (David Morrissey) leads the Roman invasion of Britannia, a "cursed land" supposedly ruled by the dead, at the behest of Emperor Claudius. A rogue Druid called Divis (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) foresees this violent incursion but is powerless to stop the Roman advance on his own.

Meanwhile, proud warrior Kerra (Kelly Reilly), daughter of the King of the Cantii (Ian McDiarmid), calls a temporary truce to her simmering feud with Regni queen Antedia (Zoe Wanamaker) in order to spearhead a united resistance.

Cue bruising battle sequences, erotically charged couplings and skulduggery steeped in Celtic mysticism. Binge-watch all 10 episodes as Britannia rules the airwaves.

:: Taken – Season 2 (16 episodes, starts streaming from January 13 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, Thriller/Action)

In 2008, Liam Neeson revitalised his film career in the brutal action thriller Taken, playing a former CIA agent, who wages war on a group of Albanian sex traffickers responsible for kidnapping his teenage daughter.

This spin-off TV series, which premiered early last year, travelled back in time to explore the early escapades of Bryan Mills, played on the small screen by Clive Standen. The first series concluded with Mills arrested in Mexico and shot in the supposedly bullet-proofed chest after he defied the strict orders of his boss, Christina Hart (Jennifer Beals), to kill the man who murdered his sister.

The second salvo of 16 episodes, which are available in weekly doses, continues the storyline with Bryan now behind bars in a Mexican prison, where he must barter and trade in order to secure his freedom.

Just when it seems Bryan will be able to return to America, he is snatched by human traffickers along with a young immigrant called Amelia (Adriana Santos).

Meanwhile, Hart is determined to extricate her key asset and she hires shady hacker Kilroy (Adam Goldberg) and army-trained logistician Santana (Jessica Camacho) to carry out the perilous covert operation.

:: The League Of Gentlemen: Anniversary Specials (Cert 15, 84 mins, BBC DVD, available now on Amazon Video/BBC iPlayer/iTunes and other download and streaming services, available from January 15 on DVD £19.99, Comedy/Drama/Romance)

A compilation of three festive specials which screened on consecutive nights on BBC Two in the run-up to Christmas and reunites actors Jeremy Dyson, Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith in a remote town in the North of England after 15 years away from our screens.

Boundary changes threaten to erase Royston Vasey from the map forever and mayor Bernice Woodall (Shearsmith) may have unwittingly contributed to the chaos. Tubbs and Edward Tattsyrup (Pemberton, Shearsmith) spearhead the fight to save the community from annihilation, building to a shocking revelation involving Papa Lazarou (Shearsmith) and a photo booth.

In the midst of so much upheaval, Charlie (Pemberton) and ex-wife Stella (Shearsmith) could be offered a chance at reconciliation, facilitated by waiter Luigi (John De Main).

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