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Flashbacks reveal the relationship between teen suicide Hannah (Katherine Langford) and her peers, including friend Clay (Dylan Minnette)

13 Reasons Why

BASED on Jay Asher's hit book, 13 Reasons Why is a smart and engrossing Netflix drama about the aftermath of an American teen's suicide.

Rather than leaving a note, 16-year-old Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) recorded a series of audio tapes for the benefit of those she feels were responsible.

These are passed around between the 'guilty' parties, including nerdy classmate Clay (Dylan Minnette), her estranged best friends Jessica (Alisha Boe) and Alex (Miles Heizer) and former basketball jock love interest, Justin (Brandon Flynn).

The show plays out largely from Clay's point of view, as he struggles to come to terms with the death of a girl he was secretly in love with while launching his own increasingly vengeance-tinged investigation into her sudden demise.

Gradually, Clay uncovers a conspiracy of silence which puts him at odds with many of his peers and a few adults too.

Indeed, 13 Reasons Why's expertly pitched mix of teenage and grown-up incomprehension regarding Hannah's shocking suicide ensures the show will resonate with viewers of all ages.

Occasionally the narrative feels a little bit stretched to fit the 'one episode per reason' conceit, but this only adds to the binge-watching appeal of this authentically written suspenseful drama, perhaps the most 'real' show about US teens since cult 1990s favourite My So Called Life.

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