Also released: Unforgettable and Molly Monster

Rosario Dawson as Julia and Katherine Heigl as Tessa in Unforgettable

UNFORGETTABLE (15, 100 mins)

HELL hath no fury like an ex-wife scorned in Denise Di Novi's psychological thriller, written by Christina Hodson and David Leslie Johnson.

Julia Banks (Rosario Dawson) has managed to escape her troubled past and has stopped looking over her shoulder for her violent old flame, Michael Vargas (Simon Kassianides).

He has no idea of her new identity and location. Julia thinks she has found the perfect man in divorced father David Connover (Geoff Stults), who has a beautiful young daughter called Lily (Isabella Rice).

His ex-wife Tessa (Katherine Heigl) is still heavily involved in raising their daughter and Julia feels nervous about stepping into a home that used to be run by another woman. Her discomfort intensifies when it becomes clear that Tessa still loves her ex-husband and is fiercely jealous of any challengers to David's affections. Tessa's obsession spirals out of control and she sets about creating friction between Julia and David in the belief that he will eventually come to his senses and take her back.

:: Released: April 21

MOLLY MONSTER (U, 72 mins)

A LITTLE monster learns the power of family in this colourful animation for pre-school children co-directed by Ted Sieger, Michael Ekbladh and Matthias Bruhn.

In Monsterland, raising a family is simple. Baby monsters only hatch on Egg Island, so expectant parents make the long journey to the breeding ground where mothers lay their eggs and fathers keep the brood warm until it is time for them to hatch.

Molly Monster (voiced by Sophie Rois) learns that she will soon be welcoming a baby brother or sister. However, she is too young to make the journey to Egg Island with her father (Klaus Dieter-Klebsch) and mother (Judy Winter).

Upset that she cannot be with her parents for this momentous occasion, Molly Monster collects her best friend and toy, Edison (Jay Simon), and embarks on an adventure of her own to prove she has the makings of an excellent big sister.

:: Released: April 21


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