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Taraneh Alidoosti as Rana in the Oscar-winning The Salesman

THE SALESMAN (12A, 124 mins)

Released: March 17

Iranian writer-director Asghar Farhadi won this year's Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Feature for this slow-burning thriller and refused to attend the ceremony to collect his statuette as a political statement against Donald Trump's controversial immigration policy.

The Salesman is far less provocative, centred on married couple Emad (Shahab Hosseini) and Rana (Taraneh Alidoosti), who are actors in rehearsal for a new staging of Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman.

One night, they are forced to evacuate their apartment block when the building becomes unsafe and threatens to collapse. With the help of fellow actor Babak (Babak Karimi), Emad and Rana find alternative accommodation in a top-floor flat that was vacated in a hurry by the previous female tenant.

It transpires that this woman was a prostitute, who may have had strained relationships with some of her customers.

Shortly after they move in, Rana is attacked in the bathroom and is rushed to hospital. She returns home deeply shaken, unable to remember the face of her assailant and unwilling to file a police report to relive the nightmare.

Emad becomes consumed with a desire to unmask the perpetrator and he turns detective to find and then punish his wife's attacker.

This revenge mission puts intolerable strain on the marriage and the couple struggles to escape reality and perform on stage each night.

WOLVES AT THE DOOR (15, 72 mins)

Released: March 17

Inspired by the infamous Manson family murder spree, Wolves At The Door is a home invasion thriller, directed by John R Leonetti, set in 1969, the so-called summer of love.

Sharon (Katie Cassidy) is preparing to say farewell to her best friend Abigail (Elizabeth Henstridge), who is moving out of town. Heavily pregnant and looking forward to the birth of her first child with her beau Wojciech (Adam Campbell), Sharon invites Abigail and her partner Jay (Miles Fisher) over to her home for a low-key leaving dinner.

As night falls, the two couples are blissfully unaware of a gang of murderous intruders in the darkness. These deranged cohorts break into the house, armed with a sledgehammer and blades, and terrorise Sharon and her guests with sadistic glee.

SEOUL STATION (15, 90 mins)

Released: March 17

Yeon Sang-ho directs this animated zombie horror, which chronicles the shocking events that set in motion the wanton bloodshed of the 2016 live action Korean film Train To Busan.

Suk-gyu (voiced by Ryu Seung-ryong) is searching for his runaway daughter Hye-sun (Shim Eun-kyung), who has escaped her previous life as a prostitute and is living in squalor with her boyfriend, Ki-woong (voiced by Lee Joon). He intends to make money by pimping Hye-sun to the highest bidder.

At the very moment Suk-gyu is poised to be reunited with his daughter, a homeless man attacks a passerby at Seoul Station, sparking a zombie apocalypse that transforms dozens and then hundreds of people into flesh-crazed predators.

The government declares a state of emergency and tries in vain to contain the situation. Hye-sun, Suk-gyu and Ki-woong cross paths in the midst of this bloodbath and must flee for their lives to avoid becoming one of the infected.

There will be double bills of both films at selected cinemas so audiences can witness the storyline in chronological order.

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