Titanfall 2 goes it alone while Dead Rising is a triple stack of undead craic

Titanfall 2 is a gushing apology to soloists disappointed with the first effort, and features possibly this year’s greatest single-player blast
Neil McGreevy

Titanfall 2 (Multi)

By: EA

AS AN Xbox exclusive, the original Titanfall severely tested the PlayStation loyalty of shooter fans. Yet interest in Microsoft's killer app headed south on release, and despite its demolition derby of hulking mechs, a lack of single player and the same tired online battlefields made Titanfall feel more like a multiplayer tech demo.

The sequel, however, is a heavy-metal blockbuster and the game Titanfall should have been. As a gushing apology to soloists, second time around features possibly this year's greatest single-player blast as players fill the space boots of not only a nimble flesh-bag pilot but his massive death machine, who struggles to understand human phrases.

Before you can say “hasta la vista”, our heroes form a bond and kick butt over five hours of shockingly inventive action.

Heavy duty combat and boss battles abound in a mix of parkour and blasting that keeps doling out new tricks and gameplay candy, from invisibility to a time-bending mechanic straight out of the underrated Singularity.

Of course, it's all training for online, and when it comes to multiplayer, this oily, clunking beast is no slouch. All about score, players earn escalating points for destroying grunts, pilots and Titans while mechs have eight different loadouts to choose from on the fly.

While Battlefield and Call of Duty have their annual chart dust-up, Titanfall 2's blitzkrieg of ideas is where the smart shooter money should go.

Dead Rising Triple Pack (Multi)

By: Capcom

LIKE the domestication of the dog, the age of the remaster continues unabated, and the latest franchise to get a dose of digital Febreze is Capcom's zombie goregasm, Dead Rising.

First released a decade ago, the creators of Resident Evil added social satire to their undead slaying for the unofficial videogame remake of Dawn of the Dead. Zombies are crashing the mall, but with the food court failing to satisfy their brain lust, it's up to photojournalist Frank West to save the day by taking out the coffin dodgers with a variety of makeshift weapons.

With never-ending waves of cranial rupture and sly references to the zombie genre, Dead Rising was like a gaming toy-box full of rotting flesh. The sequel had players filling the boots of a motocross star who gets caught up in an undead outbreak in Nevada, and while a scant departure from the corpse-torturing original, its crafting system meant almost anything could be weaponised.

Rounding off the threesome is Off the Record, a reimagining of Dead Rising 2 starring the original's shutterbug lead. All three now play at a solid 1080p/60fps that never chokes at the huge on-screen hordes, while loading times have been significantly reduced. Even if you've had your Fulci of zombies lately, this triple stack of undead craic is the perfect way for newcomers to dive in.


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