Watch this: Mr Robot series two

Rami Malek is back as superhacker Eliot in series two of Mr Robot

Mr Robot series two, starts Thursday July 14 on Amazon Prime Video

THE excellent cyber crime themed conspiracy drama series Mr Robot returns to Amazon Prime Video next week for its second season.

Superhacker extraordinaire Eliot (Rami Malek) is struggling to come to terms with the aftermath of series one, in which he helped shadowy darknet warriors fsociety take down sinister multi-national E-Corp.

However, while their debt-erasing hack on 'Evil Corp' was a success, it also led to the unravelling of the blackouts and amnesia-prone Eliot's sanity in a Fight Club-esque manner.

Now, he and his 'other self', Mr Robot (Christian Slater) must deal with the fallout from 'their' revolutionary economy de-stabilising cyber attack, as the FBI attempts to bring them to justice.

Unlike when the complete first season arrived on Amazon ages after airing in the States, Mr Robot returns in weekly doses from July 14 with each new instalment available the day after airing in the US.

While fans may find it hard to adjust to a 'slow drip' for this binge-friendly show, at least it will be easier to avoid spoilers this time.

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