Look forward to: Wolf Creek, starts August 30 on FOX

Lucy Fry stars as Eve Thorogood in the TV adaptation of Aussie horror Wolf Creek

ULTRA-disturbing Australian exploitation horror flick Wolf Creek is coming to the small screen in series form.

Written, directed and produced by Greg McLean, the film-maker behind the original 2005 movie, Wolf Creek begins screening on FOX next month.

John Jarratt reprises his role as malevolent Outback psychopath Mick Taylor, a deceptively friendly bushman who preys on unsuspecting backpackers for torture-killing kicks.

American teenager Eve Thorogood (Lucy Fry) is the lone survivor of one such bloodbath encounter with the sadistic Taylor during a family holiday in northern Australia.

The six-part series follows Eve as she sets out to avenge the deaths of her parents and brother by bringing the gleeful killer to justice.

Billed as "a chilling game of cat and mouse with the hunter becoming the hunted" and "a Tarantino-esque revenge tale", although it serves as a sequel to the original film (which itself spawned one inferior big screen follow-up) the TV version of Wolf Creek is unlikely to match the movie's terrifying intensity.

However, since it's already screened 'on demand' in Oz to favourable reviews, clearly McLean and co haven't stuffed up too badly.

Worth a fair go, I reckon.

:: Fox


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