Arts Q&A: Peter Corry on Meatloaf, Italy and getting married

Jenny Lee puts performers and artists on the spot about what really matters to them. This week, singer Peter Corry

1. When did you think about singing as a career and what were your first steps into it?

The first time I sang a solo was, probably like many singers, in church. Music was a big part of my young life, mostly brass bands and orchestral music.

In my late teens I started singing in a rock band and realised that music was what I wanted to do.

2. Best gigs you’ve been to?

Meatloaf at the Antrim Forum in 1981 – my first live rock gig as a kid and he was so theatrical. Also, Whitney Houston at Sydney Opera House.

3. Fantasy wedding/birthday party band?

A topical question as I’m getting married next year: It’s going to be in Italy and currently I’m looking for a local Italian singer who plays the accordion and sings dodgy '80s songs in an authentic Italian style.

4. The record you’d take to a desert island?

Soave Sia Il Vento (How Sweet is the Wind) from Mozart's Opera Cosi Fan Tutte. I always say if there are lifts in heaven, they’ll be playing Mozart.

5. And the book?

How to Survive on a Deserted Island by Samantha Bell.

6. Top three films?

Field of Dreams, The Lion King and 12 Angry Men.

7. Worst film you’ve seen?

Jaws 4: The Revenge – the shark eats a plane. What was Michael Caine thinking, apart from the fact it was shot in the Bahamas? And, judging it by its trailer, Me Before You could be another contender.

8. Favourite authors?

Carlos Ruiz Zafon and Philip Pullman.

9. Sports you most enjoy and top teams?

I’ve recently started playing tennis. I’ve followed Manchester United since they lost to Arsenal in the 1979 FA Cup Final.

10. Ideal holiday destination?

Italy – the food, the people and the lifestyle.

11. Pet hate?

Queueing to board a plane. If your seats are allocated why queue?

12. What’s your favourite:

Dinner? Thai or Malaysian.

Dessert? Panacotta.

Drink? Red wine (Rioja).

13. Who is your best friend?

My girlfriend Fleur.

14. Is there a God?

Seriously, you’re asking me that?

:: Peter Corry will host Twilight at the Trust: A decadent night of Music and Wonder at Mount Stewart House, Newtownards, on June 24. For tickets visit or telephone 028 90326695.


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