Listen to: September Girls – Age of Indignation

September Girls are back with an excellent second album

September Girls – Age of Indignation

NOW this is more like it: having announced themselves with 2014's debut LP Cursing The Sea, a decent enough but far from memorable record given its reliance on a rather generic lo-fi trashpop template, Dublin's September Girls are back with the bolder more sophisticated and downright heftier Age of Indignation.

It finds the all female Irish/American combo beefing up their attack with an enticing, intoxicating stew of churning doom bass, deathbeat drums, sinister organ grinding and cooing/wailing harmonised vocal incantations soaked in an acid wash of impressionistic effects pedal augmented guitars.

Their demonic hybrid of darkly atmospheric shoegaze pop, portentous psyche rock drone and poetic wronged woman lyrical bile fits the Girls like the proverbial witch's glove.

Stomping/swirling hate note John of Gods, the gritty, rumbling Jaw On The Floor, Catholic Guilt's noisy, stop/start lamentation and the title track's mesmeric grunge-gaze guitar feast laced with evil angel vocals are all startlingly good, while lead-off single Love No One slinks, snarls and swoons in an infectiously wild-eyed manner reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine before they disappeared up their Loveless rabbit hole.

Indignation? More like regeneration – September Girls have learned to use anger as an energy.

You wouldn't want to mess with them, like.


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