Noise Annoys: Junior jammers – Pesky! Q&A

Pesky! are a tween septet from Cumbria

THIS week in Noise Annoys, a quick-fire Q&A with Cumbrian tween indiepop sensations Pesky!

As you might remember from my review of their promising debut six-track digital EP, Smells Like Tween Spirit (ho-ho), this septet consists of kids aged between 11 and 12 from Croftlands Junior School in Ulverston.

Megan (lead singer, Niamh (also lead singer), Kate (guitar/vocals), Patsy (bass), Joe

(guitar), Jess (keys) and Harry (drums) are signed to Fierce Panda, who will be releasing the Tween Spirit EP on CD during the October half term holiday.

How did you form and how did you get your name, Pesky!?

Megan: We got together at our after-school guitar club. We had been in the guitar club since we were seven, but only became a proper band when we had four or five songs written. Pesky! officially started a year ago.

Croftlands Junior School Guitar Club was way too long to be a decent name, and the one and only suggestion we all liked was Pesky!

What are your influences?

Megan: All sorts of guitar music, but it has to have a good melody. Joseph likes a lot of older stuff like AC/DC and T-Rex, and Kate and me like more modern stuff, including some dance music.

Kate: Taylor Swift, because she writes her own songs and plays guitar, like me.

Joseph: Noel Gallagher. He is really good at the guitar and I would like to have loads of guitars like him.

Harry: I really like the Foo Fighters and think Taylor Hawkins is cool.

Patsy: I go to the Junior Royal Northern College of Music for the clarinet. I play mostly classical and jazz, but I also like Arctic Monkeys, Cage The Elephant and Amy Winehouse. We all love The Beatles.

Can you describe your songwriting process?

Megan: It always involves eating sweets, preferably marshmallows. Usually me, Niamh or Kate will have an idea for a song, sometimes just lyrics, sometimes lyrics and a melody. Then we all work on the music together.

Kate: I really liked Ready Or Not by Bridgit Mendler, with the "Oh-oh" bit at the start. I came up with the rest of the lyrics to Keep Me while I was walking on a mountain.

How did you get signed?

Megan: We recorded the EP in a classroom at school with our teacher Mr Cross over a couple of weekends. We had recorded before, but this time we spent more time getting things just right. We thought it sounded ace and we wanted others to hear it.

BBC Cumbria Introducing played us, which was great, and then our manager Joel played the songs to Fierce Panda. They really liked them, so they released the EP.

Then Keep Me got played on XFM, BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 6 Music.

What's the biggest challenge of being in Pesky!?

Everyone: Homework! And only having the chance to get together once a week for an hour.

Patsy: Trying to practise in the holidays. We got offered to play on the main stage at Kendal Calling but we couldn't because only half of us were on holiday that week, which was quite a shame.

What's your most exciting achievement so far?

Kate: Being on Radio 1 and being asked to go on BBC Breakfast!

Niamh: Definitely getting to go on TV. The photo shoot was really fun too.

Harry: Being asked to play at Kendal Calling.

What are Pesky!'s goals for the future?

Harry: To actually play Kendal Calling!

Patsy: To go on Jools Holland, because I have been inspired by some of the bands that have played on there.

Joseph: To become famous and have loads of people liking us!

Kate: I want a mansion in New York or LA with a massive swimming pool! And to write loads more great songs, obviously. I also want to be on the Chris Evans breakfast show because we listen to it every morning before school.

Niamh: Just to keep singing. Oh, and to own a horse.



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