May you live in interesting times...

Greece's Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras casts his vote at a polling station in Athens yesterday
Robert McMillen

GO mbeannaí Dia daoibh a chairde Gael agus Gall and welcome to the Bluffer's you know what.

We indeed are indeed living in interesting times.

Suimiúil agus spéisiúil are two words for interesting and you would need a large vocabulary to describe what is happening in the world at the minute. Ceisteanna móra an tsaoil - life's big questions are being played out in front of our eyes in different parts of the world.

For instance, does an daonlathas - democracy mean anything nowadays? We'll find out soon enough as the result of an reifreann sa Ghréig - the referendum in Greece becomes known. Will financial institutions such as the ECB take any account of the wishes of the Greek people? I think we know the answer to that already.

This in turn raises other ceisteanna bunúsacha - fundamental questions such as do governments exist to serve its people (muintir is the word for the people of a country as in muintir na hÉireann - the people of Ireland) or to serve na margaí - the markets? Given recent history, I think we know the answer to that too.

There seems to be a huge ideological fight between the leftists of Syriza and European financial institutions where defeat cannot be countenanced by either side.

What happens of the next few weeks will have a huge bearing on stair na hEorpa - the history of Europe, politically and financially.

Sa mheánoirthear - in the Middle East, things seem to lurch from one géarchéim - crisis to another but things have changed in that many would have automatically seen the west as the good guys and Johnny Foreigner as the baddy.

Now, people can see what grimy deeds the British and the Americans are up to in various theatres of war across the world.

There was the intriguing case of Bherlin Gildo who was charged in London with being involved in sceimhlitheoireacht - terrorist activities in Syria.

When it was found out that the group Gildo was fighting with was being supported by British Intelligence agencies the case collapses because if found guilty then the Intelligence agencies would have been guilty too.

But then, would you know the difference between Jabhat Ansar al-Islam and Kata'ib Hezbollah or the Al-Qassas Army?

What really is an Stát Ioslamach - Islamic State and how do you stop them? The west has flirted with the group, supported it against a common enemy do the lines between an mhaith - good and an t-olc - evil are blurred.

The big questions are about the world view of different religions in the area mixed with a heady mixture of seicteachas - sectarianism, geopolitical power struggles and imperialism sprinkled freely with a huge amount of murderous headcases.

Nearer home, we await a budget which is going to massively hit the least well off in society while right here there's frenzied speculation about which politician (if any) was in line for a payout for helping getting NI's NAMA properties - that's the National Asset Management Agency - sold to American company Cerberus.

Interesting times indeed!


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