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  • Prince estate case heads back to a courtroom in Minnesota
  • These Trump voters would back him even if he smoked crack and burned the American flag
  • A deep and thoughtful @NYMag look at Edward @Snowden's life in Russia, a topic often distorted by propagandists…
  • BREAKING: Putin's spokesman says Turkey's president has apologized for the downing of a Russian military jet.
  • Big statement by SDLP leader Colum Eastwood: "I don't think this is the right time for a border poll". Says he wants it when it can be won.
  • . @mikenesbittni says fingerprints of @DUPleader are on button for Scottish independence @NicolaSturgeon will press
  • Very much looking forward to meeting @PresidentIRL later today.…
  • Jamie Oliver issues rallying call to stop Boris Johnson becoming PM

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Michael McGovern inspires Northern Ireland and Celtic U-21 goalkeeper Connor Hazard
Seamus Coleman believes Republic of Ireland have a bright future under manager Martin O'Neill
Ireland working to secure peace process amid Brexit fallout, Enda Kenny says

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