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A DOCTOR who attracted thousands of online supporters after she vowed to challenge her sentence for assaulting police while under the influence of a date rape drug has dropped her appeal. Dr Eireann Kerr had been given a two-month conditional discharge for the December 2013 offences which occurred in Derry following a night out.


Kathy Lette's love for Donegal

Kathy Lette's love for Donegal
The Australian writer and wit loves Donegal "not least because of the fact that the most northern tip of Ireland is actually in the south. How deliciously Irish is that?"


  • Suspected 'joyriders' arrested after 30-mile police pursuit
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    Its official Marco Pierre White Steakhouse opening at Park Avenue this Autumn!
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    More than 20% of people in Northern Ireland are now on a hospital waiting list #Health #NHS
  • Gotta love being woken up at 6am by the drug testers, especially when you have a match later in the day. #lifeofanathlete
  • Usain Bolt toppled by Segway
  • 'Peter Robinson is naked in the Executive: and it’s not a pretty sight'
  • Ireland name team to play Wales
  • Stevie McDonnell resigns as Armagh U21 manager

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New start needed at Stormont

New start needed at Stormont

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While fingers can be pointed in many directions over the responsibility for the dire state of our devolved structures, we are probably at a stage where the priority needs to be accepting that we have a permanently dysfunctional administration and concentrating on the search for its replacement.
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