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    Very famous visitor at the causeway stones today with Visitor Experience ranger John... #RoryMcIlroy #golf
  • Ian Paisley's later years have 'King Lear quality'
  • Belfast city centre: Donegall Square North at City Hall has been blocked by black taxi protest - long delays in the area.
  • Belfast: lane closure for roadworks at College Ave has been lifted but still busy in and around the city centre
  • Australian girl Isis (5) denied personalised Nutella jar
  • #Breaking Dutchman Leonardus Bijlsma found guilty at Birmingham CC over £1.6 billion drug smuggling op involving fleet of fake ambulances
  • Urney Rd in Clady reopened following searches earlier today. Nothing has been found. Members of public asked to report anything suspicious.
  • Monster Brussels sprouts are on their way

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Paisley's later years have 'King Lear quality' - Timothy Spall

Paisley's later years have 'King Lear quality' - Timothy Spall

Northern Ireland news
ACTOR Timothy Spall has spoken about his upcoming portrayal of Ian Paisley, saying that the late DUP leader's circumstances in the build-up to the St Andrew's Agreement have a "King Lear quality".
Film charts McGuinness and Paisley’s unlikely ‘Journey’    Photo shows Colm Meaney as Martin McGuinness and Timothy Spall as Ian Paisley in 'The Journey'