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  • 1916: May 4
    Executions On Monday, April 24, a proclamation was posted in Dublin announcing that an ‘Irish Republic’ had been formed under a ‘Provisi...
  • Actress Saoirse Ronan walks red carpet at the Met Ball in New York
  • Westlink closed in both directions between Divis Street and York Street
  • The Collin Road in Ballyclare has re-opened following a fatal road traffic collision on Monday 2nd May.
  • Eurovision song contest to make live breakthrough in US
  • Photo
    Irish News #backpage - 'Derry must put pride back in shirt,' says Mark Lynch… @Doiregaa
  • Arrest in Mark Gourley disappearance
  • Sore legs anyone?

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Log reveals emergency service calls to Prince's home

Log reveals emergency service calls to Prince's home

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AUTHORITIES and emergency crews were called to Prince's Minneapolis home over the last five years for everything from mundane reports of tripped fire alarms to more serious medical calls, a log has revealed.
Prince ‘didn't sleep for six days before he died' – brother-in-law    Prince's albums reach top two spots in US chart    Prince had no will, says star's sister as she files court papers