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Books: War! Hellish War!

Books: War! Hellish War!

Jim Maultsaid's account of the First World War offers a genuine, and often humorous, insight into the thoughts of an ordinary soldier.


  • NI Water apologises after homes sprayed with sludge
  • If you're unhappy with Brexit move south - Willie Frazer
  • Martin McGuinness: Leaving EU 'not a done deal'
  • Weather: Yet more rain
  • Break out the Bolly darling - it's Ab Fab's movie premiere
  • Remember Nigel Farage's Lunch with the FT? During the interview he drank 6 pints, bottle of wine, 2 glasses of port
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    Juncker: "Scotland has won the right to be heard in Brussels and I will listen carefully"
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    If a cat librarian isn’t safe from the government, then who is?

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On This Day - June 30 2002: Ronaldo scored twice as Brazil are crowned world champions.