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Seven schools across the north have been evacuated after receiving bomb threats. The PSNI is investigating a series of malicious communications to schools while other UK police services reported schools in their areas receiving similar calls. In the Republic, a primary school in Limerick, a creche in Dublin and another location in Cork were evacuated after also receiving threats.




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  • Within the hour I will announce the names of four @sinnfeinireland colleagues who will be appointed as Ministers to the Executive tomorrow.
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  • .@M_McGuinness_SF has accepted invite from the Flemish government to visit Flanders Field next week. He will also visit the Somme.
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    North Korea rejects Donald Trump's offer to meet Kim Jong-Un as "propaganda"
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  • Egyptair crash: explosion suspected
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    On May 30 Mars will be at its closest point to Earth for 11 years. Here's how you can see the red planet

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