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THE Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the attack in France in which two people invaded a church, took hostages and killed an 84-year-old priest by slitting his throat.



  • We in Ireland are collateral damage in a Tory EU power play. #Remain voters expect the Taoiseach to stand up for our interests in Downing St
  • Lost puppy handed into police in west Belfast
  • South Belfast: Collision on the A55 Belvoir Road heading towards the Tesco Roundabout. Diversions in place. Expect delays.
  • Bottle of beer to be locked away in a time capsule to drink in 100 years
  • Pregnant women can eat raw eggs - food safety experts
  • Viable pipe bomb found in west Belfast
  • Which motorway do I go up for banbridge
  • Today's Ian Knox cartoon

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